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Approximately 90% of women will experience cellulite in their lifetime, regardless of their weight. Cellulite isn’t the result of careless nutritional habits or a lack of exercise. There are three primary causes for cellulite’s dimpled appearance: thinning skin, 增大挤压皮肤的脂肪细胞, and thickening fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface that cause tension.

Qwo®️ is the first and only FDA-approved injectable that treats moderate to severe cellulite. 现在, there is a noninvasive treatment option to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks of adult women that treats all three of cellulite’s main causes.

Reducing the appearance of cellulite on your buttocks in Nashville, TN, 现在比以前更简单了吗. Contact 纳什维尔整形外科中心 to schedule your consultation at (615) 467-6777 或完成 我们的在线联络表格 今天.


Qwo®️ consists of enzymes that help degrade collagen found in damaged tissues and stimulates new collagen growth, 什么有助于健康组织的发育. These enzymes target and treat the structural causes of cellulite beneath the skin.


  • 释放纤维带
  • 重新分配脂肪细胞
  • 刺激新的胶原蛋白生长

Cellulite consists of bands of connective tissues beneath the skin that create that distinctive dimpled appearance. Qwo® works by dissolving these bands and stimulating skin restoration through new collagen growth. The overall appearance of the skin is dramatically improved as dimples upon the buttocks become less deep or simply disappear altogether.


Cellulite affects approximately 90% of all women, and none of them like it. Though cellulite on your buttocks and thighs is not harmful to your health, nearly every woman would like to improve the appearance of their cellulite. 从局部产品, 外科手术, 以及激光到其他基于能量的设备治疗, history provides many accounts of ineffective cellulite treatments that leave patients disappointed.

而饮食和锻炼对你的整体健康是极好的, 这些习惯不能成功地治疗脂肪团. It’s time to address cellulite where it begins: beneath the skin. Qwo®提供了一种非手术去除脂肪团的方法. 有了Qwo®,你就可以和脂肪团说再见了. 短短10周内, most women begin seeing improvement in the appearance of the cellulite on their buttocks. 


Learn about our Board-Certified plastic surgeons and why you should choose two RealSelf 500 award winners for your next procedure!


Learn about our Board-Certified plastic surgeons and why you should choose two RealSelf 500 award winners for your next procedure!


在田纳西州纳什维尔的整形外科中心,我们 注册护士,塔莎,执行所有Qwo®非手术注射治疗. We’ll schedule a package of three no-downtime appointments over two months. 安排你的 免费Qwo®️咨询 今天!


At 纳什维尔整形外科中心, we prioritize our patients’ results and concerns. Our expertise and skills allow us to customize procedures for patients’ needs and preferences. While each procedure will vary, you can expect these three steps:

1. 办理登机手续

我们友好的工作人员会在您入住时迎接您. 我们的R.N., 塔莎, 将评估你, 在治疗区域做标记, and ensure you are relaxed and comfortable before beginning your Qwo® procedure.

2. Qwo® 治疗

通常情况下,Qwo®治疗只需几分钟. 塔莎 injects Qwo® directly into the cellulite dimples on your buttocks. We recommend a series of three Qwo® injections administered every three weeks for optimal results. 大多数患者只报告轻微的不适.

3. Qwo® 安置

注射治疗,如Qwo®需要最小的停机时间, and most patients can return to typical activities the day following their procedures. Mild to significant bruising at the injection site is standard for the first Qwo® treatment, 通常两周内就会消退. 你应该有更少的淤青与后续Qwo®注射.

和所有程序一样, it is vital to follow all instructions regarding physical activities, 清洗, and sun exposure thoroughly to ensure optimal results from your Qwo® treatment in Nashville, TN.


Ready to book your procedure with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons? Contact us 今天 to schedule your consultation and begin your aesthetic journey!


The best candidates for Qwo® treatments are women who have mild to severe cellulite in the buttocks, 皮肤质量好, 对自己臀部的外观不满意:

  • 健康的生活方式
  • 是不吸烟者
  • 有现实的期望和积极的前景

Qwo® is an innovative new product that is safe and scientifically proven to be effective. 但是,如果您:

  • 正在或可能怀孕
  • 正在或可能开始母乳喂养
  • Have bleeding issues or take anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications


后Qwo®治疗, 结果通常是明显的10周, 在大约两个月内可以看到最佳结果. You can expect your Qwo® results to last for at least a year, but they may last longer.


Qwo®帮助恢复平滑, more youthful-looking appearance of your buttocks and helps boost your confidence! Get ready to fall in love with the long-lasting results from the best Qwo® providers in Nashville, TN.

联系纳什维尔整形外科中心 (615) 467-6777 或完成 我们的在线联络表格 安排您今天的会诊!

纳什维尔,TN, Qwo®程序常见问题

Due to cellulite’s unique nature, we tailor Qwo® procedures to each patient’s specific needs. We’ll provide a more accurate estimate for a Qwo® cost in Nashville, TN, 在您的免费咨询期间.

我们提供Qwo®脂肪团治疗通过注射. 大多数患者只报告轻微的不适. 一定要把你所有的疼痛问题都告诉塔莎, 我们的注册护士, 在您的免费咨询期间.

It is crucial to have realistic expectations going into any cosmetic procedure. 就像很多减肥方法一样, Qwo® can significantly reduce and improve cellulite’s appearance, 但它可能无法消除脂肪团.